Thursday, May 13, 2010

Face Palm Im a Noob.

So we have some great weather and things are super busy on the farm but I snuck out for a couple hours last night to try and take some decent pictures of the horses. Well let me tell you the newbie mistakes I made.

1.Forgetting your manual at home and your camera comes up with an ERROR message and locks up.
2. Not bringing a spare memory card.
3. Forgetting that your in the horses pasture and seeing a great shot and not looking down before you kneel. Yuck, gross.

So anyways these are SOOC. Hope you like them. Please feel free to comment for C&C.
I know the silhouette could be darker, but still learning that one and I know the ear on my gelding is cropped off. Piss me off, I think if I had his entire head it would have been a nice shot.


  1. These are great Dee! What kind of horses??

  2. Quarter Horses, a nine year old mare and a ten year old gelding. Where were you on May long chickie. Missed ya.