Monday, June 14, 2010

Just think its only 5 minutes away.

So this summer my goal is landscapes. I really love trying to capture a picture just how I saw it. Im sure its always nice if someone else likes your pictures but in reality its only if the image portrays how you truly felt and what you truly saw in THAT moment, is the picture a success. Horsethief Canyon is literally 5 minutes away from my farm. So last night amidst the 50km winds I ventured out with my hound to try and take some pictures. Now I forgot that a smaller aperature is best for better landscape pictures but these are my most favorite shots from last night. Any and all comments appreciated.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here I Am

 So last week I was trying to do a self portrait and you would think easy peasy. Not at all. First thing I notice is my onboard flash really bites. Leaves hot spots etc all over. But thats what I had to work with. The natural light from my window just wasnt enough. Anyways I really wanted to try the eye sparkle feature in PSE8 and I think it worked ok. I havent done anything else to the photo other than cropping. I know I cut my arm shoulder off but it was really hard doing this inside and trying to keep the kids from killing the tripod haha. Anyways if anyone has any comments feel free. Im off tonight to go try and get a landscape of Horsethief Canyon.

Friday, June 4, 2010


So arriving back from Regina at the grocery store I ran into the president for our local Humane Society. He asks if I know of anyone looking for puppies. Of course me sucker that I am say what kind etc. He tells me how over May long weekend. these 4 german shephard cross puppies were found along side the road by a couple of Good Samaritans. Naturally they were looking for foster homes so of course I volunteer my services lol. This is a picture of the sweet girl Penny. She came with the name Jackie but my husband hated it and since I gave him no forewarning that I was bringing her home I felt it was only fair to let him pick a new name.