Friday, June 4, 2010


So arriving back from Regina at the grocery store I ran into the president for our local Humane Society. He asks if I know of anyone looking for puppies. Of course me sucker that I am say what kind etc. He tells me how over May long weekend. these 4 german shephard cross puppies were found along side the road by a couple of Good Samaritans. Naturally they were looking for foster homes so of course I volunteer my services lol. This is a picture of the sweet girl Penny. She came with the name Jackie but my husband hated it and since I gave him no forewarning that I was bringing her home I felt it was only fair to let him pick a new name.


  1. Aww she is so cute, and you captured a really cute picture of her Dee. I'm not a fan of rack russles, but she is adorable.

  2. Lol she's a german shepherd cross believe it or not. Her littermates all look like pure shepherds, she's the throwback.