Monday, July 26, 2010

Stormy Weather

So last night was the first storm I have been home for lately where it didnt absolutely poor buckets. I initially saw the moon over our canola fields and tried to get a great shot of that but unfortunatly I failed lol. When the lightning show rolled in without rain I set up for about 30mins and took some pictures. I am still puzzled how people get such sharp focus in the dark lol. Enjoy.


  1. Hi...
    You've got some great shots... they are impressive.
    By the way thanks for your wish on ThePhotoForum.
    I am for now an amateur but I want learn to improve my work and I hope that we'll can exchange our photo experiences. Here are some of my photographs on my blog:

    Thanks for your time
    See you soon

  2. Ugh. I'm so jealous! I have been wanting to catch lightning ALL FREAKIN SUMMER.

    I just bought a cheapy tripod at Radio Shack today... (don't tell my husband... even though I'm sure he found out the second I swiped the card because he obsessively checks the balance on our bank account.... XD)

    15 bucks. It's so light I could probably hang it off my pinky finger for an hour and not break a sweat... it'll probably break in 30 days... but... (back to my point) HOPEFULLY it'll thunderstorm in the next 30 days before it breaks and I can catch some sweet lightning! XD

    It looks like the sun was still out when you shot these... at least it was really light out... was it heat lightning?